Domestic Violence Treatment Program


Family Institute is an authorized provider of Domestic Violence treatment for the State of Utah.

Programs are available for both men and women and can be taken on your own or as ordered by the court.



Topic Outline

  • Responsibility and Accountability

  • Honesty

  • Core Hurts, Anger and Aggression

  • Triggers

  • Power of Compassion

  • Core Value

  • The HEALS™ Model

  • Inner Power

  • Conflict with Respect

  • The Power Wheel

  • Masculinity Traps

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Power Struggles

  • Communication Skills Building

  • Empowerment Formula

  • Assertive vs. Aggressive

  • Conflict from the Kids Perspective

  • Genograms and Family Patterns

 How long:    6 individual sessions and 24 groups

When:       Classes are held weekly in Logan and Brigham City.

 Cost:         Sliding scale based on income (proof of income is required)